About Us

“AVESTA AUDITING” Ltd. carries out the following activities:

  • Independent financial audit of annual financial statements within the meaning of the Act for independent financial audits;
  • Current and financial accounting;
  • Preparation of annual financial reports under the Accounting Act;
  • Preparation of annual tax returns of individuals and legal persons;
  • Preparation of assistant auditors
  • Conducting courses and seminars for training in international accounting and auditing standards and national standards for SMEs
  • Analysis and evaluation


The Association is on the list of specialized audit firms in Bulgaria.
Owners and managers : Emiliya Gocheva,  Slavka Koleva and Vasil Caklev
Company was registered in 09.01.2003 with number of 001 at the Bulgarian register.
The owners of the company are speakers of International Accounting Standards to Information Intellect and magazine Accounting Plus in conjunction with structural changes occurring in the field of accounting.
In our relations with customers we are trying to be honest, fair and objective. Therefore, we achieve beyond our goals.


Avesta Auditing Ltd. is a people company. These are people with experience in accounting, consulting, tax laws, auditors and assistant auditors.  In certain cases where the nature of work required / implemented on larger contracts / hire additional specialists fee.These are highly qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and valuers.


The main object of the company under the court decision of ” independent financial audit of the financial statements of enterprises, organization and accounting and the compilation of annual, interim and other financial accounts under the accounting, tax and legal advice, consulting job with accounting and other software, financial analysis. ”

Avesta AUDITING Ltd. is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants

CASE REGISTERED: F. Case № 16243 of 1997.